Wednesday, October 29, 2014

RPG Journal: Going back to WoW

So, after 4 years of AFK, I went back to WoW!

Game Summary

Well, I'm sure everyone know what World of Warcraft is about.
I was playing it casually in high school. The expansion back then was Wrath of the Lich King. Much has changed since then, both story and mechanics. Cataclysm, and Mist of Pandaria, came after these.
Sadly I lost the original accounts and its characters (an lvl 80 Tauren Shaman).

Gameplay Journal

I tried out two new characters. A Pandaren monk and a Goblin Rogue. Both Horde because I swore my loyalty to the Horde in my past incarnations.

I leveled the monk to ~ level 40 and the rogue to ~ level 15.

For the pandaren monk, after the initial sequences of quests in the starting zone, I ventured into Ogrimmar, then Azshara, then Ashenvale, then Stonetalon Mountain, then Southern Barren, then Dustwallow Marsh, and then the Thousand Needles, where I stopped my journey.

For the rogue, I didn't go much beyond the initial quests. But!!! His adventure will continue in the next blogpost.

Highlights and thoughts

The Biggest change they put into cataclysm is the changes in the old regions, and that's what I want to experience the most.

In WotLK, I reached a point at level 60  when i just want to stay at that level and enjoy the end-game contents in WoW classic. The end game and its stories felt very separate at that point, because while WoW kept pushing in new expansions, they all happened in new collections of zones (Northrend, Outland). The regions from 1 - 60 only builds up to the end-game contents of level 60, so it's only natural for me to prefer to experience all the excitements there rather than going to Outland.

Cataclysm, however, changed the classic world and revamped all the stories and quests. The new storyline focused around the conflicts between the Horde and the Alliance, particularly around the leadership of Garrosh Hellscream.

Even the new contents from Mist of Pandaria, for example, the discovery of the Wandering Isles by the horde and the Alliance, fit beautifully into the new contents from Cataclysm. The Horde and the Alliance is still at war, and pandaren's starting zone introduced that conflict just at the right time.

Not to mention the large storyline that routed across Azshara, Ashenvale, and Stonetalon mountain. The events surrounding the bomb defined many aspects of Garrosh, the new horde under him, and the new world situation.

There are also more varieties of quests. These designs seem highly influenced by WotLK. I got to man siege engines, shoot down planes, ride on a cart to travel in the Starting Zone as oppose to having to walk endlessly. I haven't got into the game mechanics changes yet in this post, but overall it's been a much more exciting RP experience.

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