Thursday, October 23, 2014

RPG Journal: Everquest Landmark

So, I tried out Everquest Landmark!

Game Summary

Everquest Landmark = Minecraft, but more realistic graphics AND MECHANICS.

In this game, you gather resources, mining from the very earth you stand on, and use them to construct any structure you wish to make.

Gameplay Journal

I used my friend's account to enter the game. After fighting through all the control methods and rules, I headed out for an adventure. I decided to build my base at the top of this peak that is the highest point of the island i spawned on.

When running to that place, I stumbled on many buildings by other players. Unfortunately I did not see any other players. 

I also stumbled into a cave, much like the one in Minecraft, except a lack of monsters and life-threatening agents. The grappling hook shines here, for I can use it to move around inner walls of the cavern and mine easily. After messing around in there for much longer than I thought I would, I headed out for the peak.

I tried to build some decent structures, but the learning curve of building tools was higher than I thought. I gave up after successfully erecting a platform for my stillbirth headquarter.

Highlights and thoughts

- Their territory system is weird + monitization point. You can either build things in the wild, or pay some points to establish a private sandbox area. You either dig up bunch of copper to pay for that, or pay actual money.
- Maybe because of the level of skill required to build a good structure, the player contents are mostly ugly and not fitting to the world.
Essentially, while I was hoping to see this...

... instead I got this.

Some of them aren't bad - they actually are quite humorous. Still, I can see a problem when in this game you are living out epic stories, but turn your head and you see some broken architectures in the air.

The difficulty and building methods in Minecraft is a lot simpler, and theme of Minecraft is a lot lot open-ended. These are probably the reasons why it's more enjoyable to play minecraft which uses simple voxel building, rather than Landmark, which has a set of more powerful tools, but not as easy and fun to get in. The realism also limits the humor aspect.

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