Wednesday, November 12, 2014

RPG Journal: Caving

I caved hard last weekend. It reminds me of the days I spent playing WoW during High school in Michigan, when I first came to America.

Gameplay Journal

The caving happened after two weeks of hard work on various projects. (Speaking of which, check them out - Time Trooper and my Portfolio Site Template!)

Every time I finish something substantial, I would add 1 to my "Kill count" for that week. Last week, I pulled multiple all-nighters (can't remember - memory is blurry) and broke my personal record.

The burnout came. Saturday I was still working hard meeting people and talking about various things, but Sunday, and Monday, and a part of Tuesday (that is two hours before this current moment), I dove into the Legend of Korra Season 2, and World of Warcraft, among other things. I watched half of Korra Season 2 in a Marathon, and went on another Marathon of Battleground Grinding for 8 hours or so, finally going to bed at 5 in the morning. Monday I jumped back to WoW after school Monday, went to bed late again (3 p.m.), and played a bit more Tuesday. During all this time I have ~8 papers overdue for 3 different classes.

Highlights and thoughts

- Burnout sucks.
- During my first year in America I spent tons of time on WoW due to culture-shock-induced-social-anxiety. This is similar to that in symptom, in that I ignored the overdue works and procrastinate on entertainment to the point of sacrificing sleep for it. They are also similar in that they are both stress-induced. The difference is that last time was the aftermath of a bigger stressor that's also harder to solve. This time the stressor is smaller and more temporary.
- I spent most of my WoW time farming honor points from PvP - to be exact, by doing BattleGrounds. The win/lose ratio for me was approximately 1/13. It was hell of a grind, yet it was strangely relaxing. Perhaps it's because the goal (to get enough honor points to purchase an heirloom) was the main motivation, and even though i lost every round, I'm still being steadily rewarded for playing.
- Gear and skill are both very important in PvP. This also means that players are being rewarded by both being good at the game and the amount of time they spent playing.
- Planning and cooperation are the most dominant factors in Battlegrounds. The bigger the battlegrounds are, the more significant this is.

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  1. Thanks for your journals, Changbai. This is very good work. -- David S